Funny smell and smoke coming from a new oven


If you have purchased a new oven and noticed a strange odor or smoke the first time you turn your oven on, don’t worry, this is normal and will go away after the first use. According to this article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “Probably no harm in new oven's smell,” the smell is caused by “fiberglass insulation that contains a binding agent to hold it together.”

Appliance Company Frigidaire recommends turning on your new oven to 400 degree for 30 minutes to allow a “burn-in” time for your new Frigidaire oven. This allows any smoke or smells to be eliminated before you cook something in your oven. Be sure to open some windows to ventilate the room before doing so.

Read the original news story online here.

Other oven maintenance and baking tips:

  • Make sure to clean up any spills promptly. Something like tomato sauce, which is very acidic, can pit and corrode your oven drip pans and burner bowls. Purchase new stove parts if your drip pans are beyond cleaning.
  • In order to brown food the way you like it, set the oven to Bake, not Broil, and then use the right pan. First, shiny pans do not let food brown well, so if you want browned foods, use a darker pan.
  • Use the correct rack placement. Place the pan in the middle of the oven on the center rack to promote even heating.
  • If any parts of your oven need to be repaired or replaced, purchase the correct appliance parts from an online appliance parts store like in order to save money and to insure you are buying a quality part.


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